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Information regarding Rent Court Notices and Eviction Processing

The District Court hears the majority of landlord-tenant disputes in Maryland. A judge hears and decides all cases in District Court.

When a landlord and a tenant enter into a lease agreement, both parties have certain rights and responsibilities.

File Form and pay fees
All forms must be filled out carefully;
inaccurate information, such as wrong name or address, may cause a case to be dismissed or delayed. (If applicable; proper suffix such as: N, S, E, or W must be part of the accurate rental property/unit address also to include if applicable; Apt A …., or 1st Floor …., or whatever legally identifies the said property) Those identifications must clearly be marked on the front door of the rental property unit(s) so that the court notices can be mailed successfully and properly and so that the Sherriff’s Department and Constable can appropriately expedite the required court services. (Evictions and etc.)

Please make sure that you give us all of the required necessary information and documents to ensure a successful and legal outcome. We will not be held accountable if the required necessary information and documents are not sent to us and are received after the court notice(s) are filed.

Information INFORMATION - page 1 if necessary can help you get the appropriate documents that are required in order to properly file your rent notice and or eviction notice. Without providing us with the following required information and documents; you more than likely will not win the “Judgment for Possession” and the court filing will ultimately be dismissed, wasting your time, effort, money and energy. These are the very important documents and we must have them to assure you success with your rent court filings. Please call us if you need our assistance in getting your rental property into compliance with the rent court and eviction filing process and procedure at 410-284-6855. Our business office hours are Monday thru Friday from 9:30am to 5pm. Thank you!


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