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Please visit our website, Property Management Solutions & Services, Inc., to view the video segment at  We can provide a full Property Management Service for you, or just market and Locate/Find a Tenant(s) for your vacant rental property. We can also provide services for an in depth Background Screening check for all new Tenant Prospect Placements, consisting of the Application for Tenancy (checking out their verification of employment, and any and all prior landlord history), a Credit Check,  a Registry Check (to determine through the District Court office and filings - if the Tenant prospect has or had any Failure To Pay Rent Notices - judgments, or Evictions), and the Verification Check of the Tenant prospect’s Social Security Number which will confirm that the Tenant prospect’s Social Security Number is valid and that it belongs to them, and also the very important Criminal Background Check both State and Multi-State. Property Management, Inc. knows that more important than collecting the rent and keeping your rental property free from destruction and disruption is that you are happy and satisfied with their services. Please give them a call today for more information. They can work out a service plan and agreement that will work for you helping to keep your investment property remaining cost effective and as a positive cash flow rental property.

At , our fees include the filing of paperwork and the appearance in court for you 1 time per each case. Through the entire processing of the Rent Court Filings /Eviction Processing and Proceedings, we will keep you updated and informed as to any and all matters by utilizing our online message alert system and through the use of our Rent Court Agents. Your concerns are our concerns, and we gratefully encourage you to give us your comments, feedback and suggestions. will need you to have the following information provide to us for proper handling and to properly expedite any and all court filings, and or eviction filings/processing and proceedings. This is the information that is required for the filing of all rent court and eviction processing associated notices for and from the District Court House of Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Lead Base Paint Certification

Federal law  requires a landlord to provide a current Lead Base Paint Certificate. In general this means that all homes built before 1978 must have a Lead Base Paint Certification, indicating that your rental home is free form lead base paint. You will need to provide us with a copy of the current Lead Certificate. This will give us your MDE (Maryland Department of the Environment) Tracking number and Lead Cert number. Without this information your rent court notice filing and court date maybe dismissed and of no enforcement. Any and every change of occupancy for a said rental home/unit built before 1978, requires the landlord to acquire a Maryland Licensed Lead Inspector to inspect the rental home/unit for lead base paint. Your rental home/unit must pass the inspection and you must provide a new Lead Certification for each and every Tenant, each and every time you acquire a new Tenant prospect. The Lead Inspection must be done prior to the new Tenant prospect moving into the property.  If the property is already occupied with a Tenant(s) and you do not have a required current Lead Certification you must still get one immediately to avoid any liabilities that may or may not happen.  Once you receive your Lead Certification – than you can move forward with us and with the filing of your rent court notice(s).

Federal law also requires a landlord to provide information as to whether any Tenant is in the military or provide specific facts for the Court to conclude that each Tenant is not in the military. This information may be available from various sources including the Department of Defense Manpower Data Center
For more information regarding this Federal requirement, go to the following link:
If rent is unpaid and the tenant is deceased, intestate (not having made a legal will), and without next of kin, the landlord may file a Failure to Pay Rent action.