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As your Rent Court Agent, we can save you the time and allocation of  staff , so that, by doing all the work necessary from court appearances on your behalf, and the filing all appropriate eviction  documentation. Since, the City of  Baltimore & Baltimore County permits Rental home Owner(s),  Apartment Communities, Condos Communities and Owners, and Property Managers to have a Rent Court Agent, then, is there for you.

We will be your Agent that will expedite the filings for you, appear and represent you in rent court.

We provide the rent court Agent services exclusively throughout all of Baltimore City, and Baltimore County as well as in other parts of Maryland.

Take advantage of our easy online system to order your rent court notice; (Failure To Pay Rent)  (Warrant of Restitution – Eviction Notice) for Baltimore City and County.

We will expedite the court filings for you, appear and represent you in rent court as your rent court Agent.

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If You own your own rental home(s), or Manage Apartment Communities, Condos or you are a Property Manager, contact us about our great Rent Court Notice Filings and Eviction Processing Photo and Posting Services that is required by law. At no additional charge to you our staff is always available for you to speak to and will work with you throughout the entire process.  Our easy online step by step guide is available to you 24/7 and guaranteed to save you money. You will you be able to file, amend and dismiss your cases with ease anytime. beats all of our competitor's prices without compromising any of our well known real estate quality professional services. Because rent court notice filings, eviction processing, property management and real estate matters are our business.  We have developed a special rent court notice system that specifically allows us to handle every area of concern for the filing of any and all rent court notices such as the: Failure To Pay Rent Notice; the Tenant Hold Over Notices; Breach of Contract, and the Eviction Notice known as the Warrant of Restitution. Our unique and customized services for you allows us to process any type of rent court notice at a more cost effective price, and accelerates a more efficient court date. This means faster and quicker results for you. at NO an extra charge,will train you the owner, your associates and employees how to integrate our rent court filing services or any of our other real estate services with your very important business.